Small HOPE Basket - Purple

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The small HOPE basket would add character to your home interior ; mix and match our african baskets for a perfect style !

Each basket is carefully handmade with love and thus, empowers fair trade and supports Rwandan artisans from All Across Africa.

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Fall for the authenticity and originality of our African baskets, handmade with love by our artisans from Rwanda.

Use it to stash your small items or simply use it as a decorative object, it will undoubtedly make an impression to your guests!

Each basket is entirely hand-woven from sisal fibers (agave plant growing in East Africa) and fine herbs.

The colored fibers are previously hand-dyed from natural dyes, respecful to the environment.

Its name "HOPE" is due to its sunburst pattern: its represents a symbol of collective hope for the Rwandan people dreaming of a new dawn for their country and a brighter future. It is the same design that we find on their national flag, adopted in 2001 after the genocide, and replacing the tricolor flag green-yellow-red with an "R" in its center.


* Diameter: 16,5 cm

* Height: 5,5 cm

Care instructions: Made from 100% vegetable material, we strongly advise you not to submerge or wash the basket with water. If necessary, you can clean it by rubbing the basket very lightly with a soft, damp cloth.

Please note that slight variations may occur as all our products are entirely handcrafted by our local artisans.
Height 5,5 cm
Width 16,5 cm
Composition Sisal fiber
Style Ethnic
Made in Rwanda
Artisan All Across Africa

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