Accessorizing an outfit has never been easier than with the PATTA scarf, handmade in the purest Indian tradition of block printing, hand-weaving and natural hand-dyed.

Just like him, be unique and affirm your preference for fair and genuine trade.

Artisan: ICHCHA

70,83 €

Ichcha (pronounced "Ich-chah") was born on the initiative of three Indian sisters and means "a wish" in Sanskrit.

Rachna, Ruchika and Monika, with their complementarity in fields as diverse as computer engineering, design and environment, embark on the Ichcha adventure with a common desire to preserve and promote Indian textiles handmade by local craftsmen.

Their collection consists of block printed textiles naturally dyed with natural pigments.

The PATTA scarf is unique and entirely handcrafted in India by talented artisans.

- leaf patterns (patta in hindi)

- 100% organic cotton

- natural indigo dyeing

- hand-weaving by our artisans using a traditional handloom

- block printed by hand using a wooden carved block

- size: 111 cm x 223cm

- handmade in India

Maintenance: the colors are natural, they can disgorge during the first washings. Be sure to wash the scarf separately, by hand or by machine, cold, and iron it if necessary at low temperature.

Height 223 cm
Width 111 cm
Composition Organic cotton
Made in India
Artisan Ichcha

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