MINNA Bracelet - pinky brown

Once you adopt the MINNA bracelet, you will never do without it!

Wear it wrapped around your wrist, as a necklace or an anklet, for a summer look or to accessorize a casual weekly look. 

Each bracelet is hand beaded and combines semi-precious materials. They are handcrafted with love by Akha Jewelry by MARQUET artisans, from Thailand.

37,50 €

The MINNA bracelet has a hint of sparkle with crystal and brass beads. 

They combines semi-precious materials, including turquoise, jasper, tiger’s eye, amethyst, howlite and aventurine with crystal and metal beads. The chains and fasteners are made from hammered brass.

The MINNA bracelet is long enough to wrap around the wrist 3 or 4 times.

To find our more about Akha Jewelry by MARQUET, click here

Height 50 cm
Width 2 cm (wrapped)
Weight 18 g
Composition Semi-precious stones
Style Bohemian
Made in Thaïland
Artisan Marquet

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