About us

Laos, villageoises artisans

Photo credit : Paul Wager

The name Gaïora takes inspiration into Greek mythology and her Goddess Gaia, meaning « Earth » during the ancient Greece. She symbolizes the personification of earth and was one of the primordial divinities: she was the great mother of all.

At the crossroads of continents and cultures existing on Earth, Gaïora arose to:

Promote and raise local handicrafts,

 cultural wealth of our world heritage;


Introduce unique and designed patterns,

specific to each culture;


Tell stories,

about these talented artisans and their expertise, most of the time passed down from generation to generation;


Empower local artisans and practice fair trade principles,

by creating economic and social value;


Offer exceptional journeys around the world,

by sharing our favorites handicrafts products.



Our story

Cambodia, Angkor

Lucie during a trip in Cambodia

Her passion for travelling and discovering new cultures gently inspired Lucie the desire to launch her own website.

She was helped since her youngest age by her parents, passionate about travelling, to explore the world. Naturally, Lucie choose to study International Business in order to get a chance to leave abroad one day. Her dream came true when she flew to Madrid, London and New-York for several study semesters. Besides, she met her future husband in New-York, a Native Syrian raised in France by his parents and studying finance in the same Business School as Lucie.

Right after being graduated, she is hired in a publishing house in Paris as a product manager.  After a year and a half, she needs to learn more and takes the opportunity to join a famous French newspaper, Le Monde, and became responsible of Le Monde diplomatique’s subscriptions.

Her taste for challenges and adventures lead Lucie to follow her husband in Singapore in 2014 for two years. There, she found a job as a Digital Communication Manager in a design agency and took advantage of the central localization of Singapore as a hub in Asia to explore Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia.

Lucie is used to bring her friends and family back little local made souvenirs: she loves handcrafted shawls, home décor accessories, ethnic jewels or handmade bags and clutches. Every region or country she visits, Lucie endeavors to find local artisans because she is convinced that the best souvenirs are the ones you share with local people.

During a trip in India, she had the chance to visit a rug manufactory in Agra and realized that it would be great to launch an online marketplace targeting a broader audience by showcasing locally made products and emphasizing the work of their artisans.

Then, she imagines an e-shop that would proposes authentic handcrafted products from all over the world, allowing consumers to discover the artisan who made it and find out more about his culture and region.

 Lucie strongly believes that focusing on the artisan and his story could engage the consumer to buy in a responsible way and thus, creates opportunity for those communities around the world by providing them a meaningful income for the sale of their products.

Artisans will be unveiled collection after collection, and each collection would focus on a region or country.