Fair trade

Gaïora and Fair Trade


Gaïora takes you to explore the world through handicrafts, and introduces you to authentic and unique products, made with love by its artisans of the world.

Most of them live in remote areas and use their ancestral handicraft skills to supplement an often meager income. Gaïora is committed to create opportunities by integrating themselves into a fair and sustainable trade approach based on the transparency and respect with these talented workers.


Fair Trade is a trade partnership whose goal is to achieve greater fairness in world trade. It guarantees consumers:


- A fair price paid to producers;

- Improving the working conditions of producers in the South, respecting human rights and the environment. In particular, the abolition of forced labor, child labor and discrimination, the guarantee of trade union freedoms, the preservation of ecosystems, etc.

- Premiums dedicated to Community investments (access to education, care, etc.), for a greater autonomy of producers' organizations in the South and sustainable security;

- The equitable origin of products through regular checks;

- Special attention to the quality of the products.



As a vehicle for fair and sustainable trade, Gaïora applies these following principles:


Creating economic and social opportunities for producers in Southern countries:

Gaïora works with artisans of the world belonging to relatively poor and marginalized communities. While most of them face extreme poverty, women and the disabled have the most difficulty finding stable employment. As for those who have the opportunity to work, they are all too often underpaid and have to face sometimes dangerous working conditions. Gaïora supplies itself to groups of craftsmen recognized and certified by a "Fair Trade" label, and makes it a point of honor that wages are fair, and conditions of work respected.


Developing transparent and sustainable partnerships:

Gaïora selects her craftsmen carefully, with the aim of building a lasting and trusting relationship with them. We do not see them as simple suppliers: we want to know their history, their ancestral manufacturing secrets, and know how we have been able to improve their living conditions and those of their community.


Strengthening skills:

Gaïora is committed to building partnerships that will enable its craftsmen to improve their skills and thus have access to a more open market. Most of our artisan partners offer technical or commercial trainings to its employees.


Promoting Fair Trade:

We work to raise public awareness of fair trade through our website and social networks, highlighting our values ??and sharing the stories of our craftspeople on our BLOG.



Fair trade offers artisans of the world and producers, within a legal and legal framework defined, prices fair to the time spent, the materials used, and the minimum legal hourly wage.

In addition, when purchasing products from craftsmen, we settle either the entirety at the time of the order, or 50% on order and 50% on delivery, so that they can dispose of their income quickly ( their needs are primary so they need to be paid as quickly as possible).


Improving working conditions:

Our partners must provide a safe working environment for their artisans, they must have all the necessary tools and thus, supply to work without harming the health of the producers - also women who can not be absent because they have to watch over their children , should have the right to work from home where this is logistically possible.


Ensuring Children's Rights:

Gaïora supports the UN International Convention on the Rights of the Child, and condemns the trafficking and exploitation of children.


Respecting the environment:

We pay attention to the materials used in the manufacture of artisanal products, and we work with groups of craftsmen respecting the environment. The dyes used must be natural and the raw materials recycled or recyclable.


Respecting cultural identity:

The traditions and culture of every craftsman of the world is at the heart of our concerns. We strive, through articles and descriptions of our products, to promote craft techniques and traditions of communities we work with.