Our values

Akha Village

We are committed to find unique craft products, both by their design and their making process, and to participate in the improvement of the living conditions of our world artisans.

Our goal is to connect these multi-talented craftsmen to consumers looking for authenticity and wish, in addition to acquiring a lovingly crafted product, to participate in the sustainable and equitable change in the lives of these craftsmen.


Community development


Gaïora works with groups of artisans who work actively to improve the living conditions of their villages and their inhabitants and to develop infrastructures that are often lacking or in poor condition. Most of them give back to their community by investing in the education of children, adult literacy, trainings for the beginner craftsmen and learning of the commercial techniques for the most motivated.


Fair trade

Fair trade

We select our partners with the utmost care, ensuring that the well-being and health of artisans is at the center of attention and that the principles of fair trade are respected (whether in the manufacturing process of products, materials used but also the reward of craftsmen).


Women's Empowerment

Empower women

Crafts are often the responsibility of women; Working with artisans allows us to offer women in need opportunities for self-sufficiency, or at least a path to economic independence.


Fair Wages

Fair wages

All our handicrafts are bought at fair prices, which provide their artisans with a sufficient income, proportional to the time spent and the materials used. We pay them at the order, so they do not have to wait a certain amount of time before they get their money because they often need that income to meet immediate needs.


Compliance with labor law

Compliance Work law

We work with collectives of artisans who provide safe and healthy working environments for craftsmen. It is imperative that workers' safety is ensured and that international and local labor laws and standards are respected (no recourse to child labor, respected hours and conditions of work).