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Clutches 2019 : follow the guide

When the beautiful days are pointing the tip of their nose, we all want to take out our best summer dresses and accessorize them with a beautiful pouch that will make all the difference. What better than a colorful accessory to give style to a summer outfit?

Clutches have become the essential accessory for all women, whatever their age, to slip their essentials for a night or a day at the beach, without the burden of a "big" bag. It can also be used as an extra bag to store creams, makeup or even an ipad.

You can also pursue a clutch as a beautiful gift for Mother's Day , or to your girlfriends, being sure to please them because a lovely pouch will always serve!

If you have dreamed for a long time of acquiring an original clutch but the choice that is offered to you is so vast and similar from one brand to another, follow our guide to find THE pouch that will make all the difference :

1- The size

It must indeed have a medium size, not too small to slip our essentials (phone, keys, makeup, wallet), nor too big so we do not clutter. Good point, our Gaiora handmade clutches Gaiora have the perfect size (20 cm x 25 cm on average).

2- The embroderies

A summer clutch must have embroderies to bring joy and colorfulness to an outfit. What's sadder than a plain pouch to accessorize a summer look? An embroidered pouch will indeed give much more character to an outfit because it will instantly bring an ethnic and bohemian touch to the overall outfit without doing too much. No doubt your friends will notice this little detail and ask you where did you buy this original accessory!

3- The provenance

Fast-fashion brands such as Zara, Mango and Pimkie each year offer a range of pouches that are just as similar as each other. It's up to you to differentiate yourself and find the original embroidered pouch, not in a factory, but crafted with love by hand by artisans! It will have a lot more cachet than an industrial pouch and above all, it will reflect the culture of its craftsmen through its embroidered motifs by hand. What's more, the purchase of an artisanal pouch commits you to a commendable approach of fair and sustainable trade: your purchase will be unique, and you will keep this accessory as long as the seasons and years go by.

Take a look at our online store to find the handmade and ethnic clutch that will follow you everywhere this summer ... and in the coming years.

Here is a selection of our best-selling clutches:

Pochette AMAYA Pochette Hmong Pochette TAHJ Pochette CARNAVAL
Clutch AMAYA Clutch HMONG Clutch TAHJ Clutch CARNAVAL


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