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Christmas is coming soon and you still have some gifts to find that change the ordinary?

Fair Trade Christmas shopping guide 2017

We have thought of you, and have selected 8 handmade products from our online store, to please your loved ones by offering them a fair gift that tells a story...

If you do not know yet Gaïora´s online store, these end of year holidays are an opportunity to discover our concept based on handicrafts and fair trade. We offer craft products made with love by local craftsmen from around the world, and we are committed to finding unique objects both in their design and conception, and participate in the improvement of life´s conditions of our craftsmen of the world.

Our goal is to connect these artisans with multiple talents to informed consumers and search for authenticity, who wishes to participate in sustainable and fair change in the lives of these artisans, in addition to acquiring a craft product handmade with love.

Among this selection of fair-trade Christmas gifts, you will find hand-woven decorative objects made from sisal fibers in Rwanda, handmade jewelry in Southeast Asia (Thailand and Cambodia), a unique embellished denim jacket, entirely hand-embroidered by our Hmong craftsmen in Thailand, or a beautiful leather and cotton bag embellished with embroideries.

Fair trade gifts under 30 €


1 - FRIENDSHIP African mini-cathedral - terracotta - 12 €

A symbol of generosity, compassion and gratitude, this basket, also known as agaseke, is offered, according to Rwandan custom, to friends and family during an important event. It will be ideal for storing small jewelry or simply decorate a piece of furniture.

7 - SAVANNAH Handmade bracelet from Cambodia – pink ballerina - 25 €

This pink agate stone bracelet is decorated with silk threads set on a gold-plated cone. It is handmade in a small workshop in Phnom Penh by a group of women grouped under the name of Penh Lenh.


Fair trade gifts under 45 €


3 - DANCER Ornament magenta - 39 €

Just like the mini-cathedral FRIENDSHIP, this decorative object is entirely hand-woven by our ALL ACROSS AFRICA artisans from Rwanda. It can be used as a trivet or can also be used as a wall decoration object thanks to its grip on the back.

4 - ANIKA Handmade bracelet from Thailand - red and turquoise - 40 €

Wearing it as a bracelet or necklace, this ethnic jewel comes from Thailand, and was carefully made by women of the Akha tribe. It is composed of semi-precious stones, a golden brass clasp and can easily be adjusted according to the size of the wrist.


Fair trade gifts under 115 €


2 - PATTA Indian scarf - 85 €

A real favorite of our team, this scarf with indigo tones and embellished with gold embroidery will undoubtedly make an impression! It is handmade in India in the purest tradition of block printing and is hand-woven for the gold embroidery that adorns the contours of the scarf.

6 - Denim jacket embroidered in Thailand TALIA - size M - 110 €

Looking for a unique gift for a person who loves fashion and has a tendency for fair trade products? This denim jacket sublimely decorated with roses in the back with a small reminder on the front pocket will hit the bull´s-eye. It could be worn on all occasions and will remain timeless.


Fair trade gifts under 250 €


5 - GYPSY bag embellished with embroidery - pink and silver - 145 €

The GYPSY bag looks like a holiday, with hand-embroidered flower patterns and silver handles. It is a unique and exclusive piece, one that is kept for years.

Designed by Ethnic Lanna craftsmen from the Hmong tribes of Northern Thailand, the GYPSY bag is made of genuine leather and is 100% handcrafted.

8 - Laos silk scarf AOLANI - Violine - 240 €

This Laos silk scarf is certainly quite a budget, but its 100% handcrafted and its organic silk yarn manufacture makes it a unique piece. The scarf asked his weavers for several months of work, and was entirely made in a remote Laotian farmhouse by our artisans Mulberries.


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Have a nice shopping !


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