« The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust


In this section, we introduce you those people who inspire us and create our handicrafts with their heart and talent.

At Gaïora, we select with the highest care our artisans and ensure that the sales ‘benefit of their products are shared out directly to those who made it.

You would find the stories of those men and women who lived from their handicrafts in this column, but also you would learn about their work methods and their culture.

Thus, you would take a fresh look at the product(s) you have bought on our online marketplace: all of them are steeped in their artisan’s history.   

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Ichcha (pronounced "Ich-chah") was born on the initiative of three Indian sisters and means "a wish" in Sanskrit.

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Gaïora enters the 2017 school year with a new high-quality partner: Penh Lenh, an artisan workshop specialized in handcrafted bohemian jewelry and based in...

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