We have selected for you 6 gift ideas, for all budgets and all tastes...

Mother's Day 2019 shopping guide

1 - AMAYA ethnic clutch - 55 €

2 - SAVANNAH handmade bracelet pink x ballerina - 25 €

3- AOLANI Pure Lao silk Scarf, dyed from natural pigments and hand-woven with a traditional weaving loom by our artisans from Laos - 240 €

4 - GYPSY bag, with leather handles and Hmong inspiration embroideries, designed by our Hmong artisans from northern Thailand - 145 €

5 - ZIG ZAG African vase black x white - 55 €

6 - HUAJAI key ring, entirely handmade by our Hmong artisans from northern Thailand - 11 €


Mother’s Day is coming soon and you have no ideas about the gift you will offer your mom?

It is true that today, Mother's Day has become a commercial feast and the brands are redoubling efforts to offer all sorts of gift ideas, more or less original.

At Gaïora, we thought that our handicrafts products, all unique and supporting fair trade, would be perfect for the occasion. Designed with love by our artisans of the world, the Gaïora products are authentic and above all, they do not resemble any other. Each item is carefully handcrafted by our artisans, which we have taken care to select for the quality of their products and their adherence to the principles of fair trade.

Thus, each product tells a story: that of its craftsman who has put all his heart to conceive this unique object that you will not find anywhere else, and that beyond reflecting all his talent, allows him to perceive a fair and sustainable income.

We have therefore selected for you 6 gift ideas, for all budgets and all tastes: ethnic handmade bracelet, ethnic colored bag, decoration basket, heart-shaped keychain, original hand-woven vase, luxurious silk scarf.

Obviously, you can also choose another product by strolling on our online shop.

And for this special occasion, we have chosen to make you glad too, by allowing you to benefit from -15% discount on your order. This offer applies to all craft products of the shop without exception until May 26, 2019, then go! In addition to spoiling your mom, you may also enjoy it to please you ...

To take advantage of this limited time offer, it's simple: simply enter the "MAMAN" code in the summary of your shopping cart in the "Voucher / Reduction" field.

Do not hesitate to take a tour in our JOURNAL also to discover the craftsmen with whom we work and to know more about the manufacturing processes of our handicraft products.


Good shopping !






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