In the Rwandan and Ugandan tradition, baskets are offered to relatives during major celebrations such as a wedding, birthday, birth or graduation.

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You have recently been able to discover new products on our online shop, including magnificent African baskets and handicraft decoration objects crafted by our Rwandan artisans in the purest tradition of sisal weaving.

Fully hand-woven and dyed from natural pigments, these unique and authentic decorative objects are part of a fair trade approach and thus enable those who make them to receive a just and sustainable income.

These baskets are therefore meaningful for those artisans with very modest or almost non-existent incomes, who see in them an opportunity to overcome poverty, to make projects and to restore their dignity by the fruit of their work. In the Rwandan and Ugandan tradition, baskets are offered to relatives during major celebrations such as a wedding, birthday, birth or graduation.

They are also meaningful to the receiver because each basket has been carefully hand-woven and decorated with a pattern having a special meaning.


Quickly discover the meaning of the symbols that adorn these unique baskets:


-           HOPE

Panier africain ESPOIR

This motif is similar to the sunburst shining with a thousand lights and symbol of hope for the Rwandan people. Also present on the national flag of Rwanda adopted in 2001, the sun has a special meaning for the nation, victim of a terrible genocide in the mid-90s: its rays symbolize the light that guides and enlightens the people and translates the unity Of the people, transparency and the fight against ignorance. The baskets bearing this symbol are all the more symbolic for our artisans because they translate concretely a glimmer of hope for a better future: thanks to the resale of these baskets, they can put money aside, open a bank account, invest in a farm, send their children to school and thus enjoy status in their community.


-          FRIENDSHIP

Panier africain AMITIÉ

Also known as the "Basket of Peace" (agaseke in Rwandan dialect), this cathedral-shaped basket symbolizes friendship, gratitude, generosity and compassion for the Rwandan people. This symbol has a cultural dimension for the nation and also adorns the national emblem (see photo below). Accompanied with fresh fruit or dried fruit, it is offered to friends and family during the great celebrations as a token of friendship and love. It is usually proudly placed in the house to put away all kinds of things (dry food, jewelry, personal items ...). In the Rwandan tradition, the agaseke is also a symbol of confidentiality, because only the person who receives it knows what is inside it, because of its lid which makes it possible to hide the contents of the basket.


-          THE DANCER

panier africain DANSEUR

This pattern is similar to the lively and precise movements of the dancers of Southern Africa, turning and dancing energetically on the sound of the drums. Traditional dance and music occupy a prominent place in Rwandan and Ugandan culture. They go beyond entertainment for the local population: they are an element of cultural identity and socialization that are transmitted orally. They represent scenes of war, victory or homage to animals venerated by the nation (the elephant, the cow and the gazelle in particular). These captivating dances are incredibly intense, and the spectacular expression of Rwandan culture.



p>Panier africain GORILLA

This drawing pays tribute to the majestic gorilla living in the volcanic and mountainous regions of Rwanda, more specifically called the Great Lakes regions of Africa (straddling Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo). The mountain gorilla is a protected species and, thanks to the many efforts made against poaching, their number even increased by 28% in 10 years.



If, like us, you are in admiration before these craft items like no other, go quickly to make a tour on our online shop. Each piece is unique and available in a single copy.


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