The Akha’s tribe is an ethnic minority living in Southeast Asia, specifically in the eastern mountains of China, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

Akha Women working on their hand-crafted bracelets

Our artisan Akha Jewelry is based in Northern Thailand and employs more than 100 artisans, offering them both full-time and part-time opportunities, and also allowing them to work from home if they live in remote areas.

This flexibility is especially important for these artisans because it allows them to adjust their schedules and to continue working on cultivating raising domestics’ animals, which remains their main activity. Indeed, the handcrafted jewelry represents an additional source of income, without which they hardly manage to meet their needs and those of their children.

Furthermore, a central and productive workshop has been built in order to forge social links between these artisans: it offers them a pleasant and relaxing working social environment.

D I S C O V E R   T H E I R S   P R O D U C T S 

Minna handmade bracelet Lauren handmade bracelet
Miri handmade bracelet Alani handmade bracelet beige color Lauren handmade bracelet yellow color

Akha Jewelry is an organization certified by the fair trade label "Fair Trade Federation." Each bracelet is handcrafted-made by women from the Akha tribe.

How are produced Gaiora's bracelets

Akha bracelets are adorned with semi-precious pearls; artisans use turquoise, jasper (red stone), amethyst (purple stone), the howlite (blue stone) or Aventurine (mineral green stone). The beads are strung together by hand and each bracelet is adorned with a brass clasp, also pushed by hand. 

Akla villagers Thailand


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